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TMPV3 Solar PV Test Kit

"Enables you to successfully install, assess and identify solar panels"
TMPV3 Solar PV Test Kit
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The TMPV3 Solar Tool Kit is a professional installer’s selection of solar equipment that allows the safe installation of solar panels and for the performance of an array to be assessed.

The Solar Irradiation Tester (TM-206) can be used to measure solar radiation, with the results being used to calculate optimum angle of inclination for a solar panel. This in turn generates maximum efficiency from the installation.

The Brymen BM161s Clamp Meter for measuring AC/DC current/voltage, capacitance and resistance, allowing operational tests to be performed on solar panels for continuous assessment of the array.

The professional MC4 Crimping Tool ensures perfect MC4 connections for both male and female connectors within a solar photovoltaic system, while the MC4 Solar Spanners will speed up the installation process by quickly and simply tightening MC4 connectors.

The Solar Warning Labels in this PV engineer's tool kit clearly identify AC and DC circuits and are necessary for compliance with the new wiring regulations for photovoltaic systems.

The TMPV range are the market leaders! 

  • Trusted by over 1000 MCS registered installers 
  • Supplied in heavy duty carry cases
  • Please note: The IR50 Infrared Thermometer does not fit into the supplied case.
  • Professional MC4 Crimping tool
  • Free Solar warning labels

  • Solar Irradiation Tester (TM206)
  • Brymen BM161s Clamp Meter
  • MC4 Solar Crimp Tool
  • MC4 Connector Insertion Device
  • MC4 Solar Spanners
  • 2 x Solar Warning Label Packs
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Customised Carry Case

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