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Solar Tools not only specialise in PV testing equipment we are also experts in professional crimping and solar installation tools. We are aware that not all solar systems are designed to work together and sometimes come with mismatching connectors. We offer a one-stop-shop for all your solar crimping needs! We stock the most common PV connectors and crimping tools, and have tools to cut, strip and terminate all types of solar connectors. Some of the most common solar connections you might have heard of are: Multi-contact MC3, MC4, MC4Quick, MC4Plus, Tyco, Radox, Sunclix, Solarlok, Huber & Suhner, Hirschmann, suntech, yukita & Kitani! So if you are changing or modifying solar connections you've come to the right place. Why order pre-made DC cables when you can "make your own" solar cables?

Confused with all the PV connectors? Why not call one of our friendly sales team members on 0113 236 0977.



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MC4 Solar Spanners
MC4 Solar SpannersA great accompaniment to the MC4 crimping tool and necessary to tighten MC4 cable connectors. Essential solar installation tool for any engineer's tool kit.
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MC3 Crimping Dies
MC3 Crimping DiesThese solar installation accessories can be fitted directly into our MC4 solar crimp tool to enable crimping of MC3 cable connectors in a PV system.
£14.95 £89.00
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TMPV-DP40 Digital inclinometer
TMPV-DP40 Digital inclinometerWith this high accuracy angle measurement tool you can quickly set your solar panels to the correct degree of inclination so that maximum efficiency is achieved throughout the year.
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MC4 Solar PV Crimping Tool
MC4 Solar PV Crimping ToolThe TMPV-CT10 is a professional and reliable solar installation crimping tool used to ensure the correct fitting of both male and female MC4 connectors.
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MC3 Crimping Tool
MC3 Crimping ToolThe TMPV-CT30 is a professional and reliable solar installation crimping tool used to ensure the correct fitting of both male and female MC3 connectors.
£64.95 £149.00
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MC3 Insert Tool
MC3 Insert ToolAn essential assembly tool for mounting the crimped solar cable into a rubber housing to produce a fully insulated MC3 connection.
£99.95 £195.00
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Tyco Solar Crimping Tool
Tyco Solar Crimping ToolThis solar installation crimping tool is manufactured to a high standard and in turn produces professional quality tyco crimps every time.
£245.00 £295.00
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Solar Panel Lifting Bag
Solar Panel Lifting BagThe Solar module lifting bag is tested and certificated for UK industry (L.O.L.E.R.) and is designed to safely lift solar modules on to the roof of a PV installation.
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Klauke K907MC Solar Crimping Tool
Klauke K907MC Solar Crimping ToolThe MC4 crimping tool, stripping tool and crimp dies within this solar tool kit have all been made to an incredibly high standard and in turn produce high quality MC4 connections.
£295.00 £316.00
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Knipex MC4 Tool Kit
Knipex MC4 Tool KitThe perfect tool kit complete, with Knipex MC4 crimping dies, for professional MC4 cable connections with everything needed to crimp and strip your solar PV cable.
£395.00 £814.95
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Knipex MC3 Tool Kit
Knipex MC3 Tool KitThis complete tool set is the perfect solution for the installation of MC3 connectors, allowing you to professionally crimp, strip and insulate your cable connections.
£495.00 £1045.79
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