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Solar Testing Kits

We hold stock of a wide array of Solar Testing Kits and Solar Installation Kits designed for photovoltaic installers and solar thermal engineers. These solar panel test kits have been specifically designed to provide MCS professionals with everything they require for installation, maintenance and performance assessment of a solar PV system, making the commissioning of a solar installation a much simpler process.


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TMPV2 Solar PV Test Kit
TMPV2 Solar PV Test KitAllows PV engineers to measure irradiation and crimp MC4 cable connectors, ensuring that solar panels and arrays are correctly installed at the optimum angle of inclination.
£145.00 £259.00
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TMPV1 Solar PV Testing Kit
TMPV1 Solar PV Testing KitInstallation tools for MCS trainees looking to assess the performance and efficiency of a photovoltaic system. Provides tools capable of measuring irradiance and current output.
£145.00 £239.00
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TMPV3 Solar PV Test Kit
TMPV3 Solar PV Test KitA professional array of solar panel testing tools to safely install PV panels with MC4 connections, assess the DC output and ensure that maximum efficiency is being acheived.
£195.00 £359.00
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TMPV4 Solar PV Testing Kit
TMPV4 Solar PV Testing KitA comprehensive kit of pv tools and solar panel test equipment that includes everything required to install and continuously monitor MC3 and MC4 photovoltaic systems.
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Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Solarlink Test Kit
Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Solarlink Test KitCombines the new PV150 with the Solar Survey 200R for full solar PV installation testing. Complete with FREE SolarCert Elements certification software
£879.00 £1414.00
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Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Photovoltaic Efficiency Tester
Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Photovoltaic Efficiency TesterThis solar efficiency meter allows you to test all the parameters required to calculate solar panel efficiency and perform an electrical power survey for a full overview of performance.
£3295.00 £3355.00
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