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Solar Shading

Solar shading meters enable a PV installer or solar assessor to examine whether trees or buildings etc, will cast shadows on planned PV arrays or solar modules. Shadowing can decrease the effectiveness of a solar system considerably so it's very important to check before installing the panels. We have a basic handheld unit: Solar Horizon Meter or a more sophisticated Solar Shading Analyser that takes a digital image through a fisheye lens that can be analysed off-site and sent to the client to give a more professional report.  


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Solar Horizon Meter
Solar Horizon MeterThis is an essential piece of test equipment that allows you to discover the level of shading on a potential solar site and quickly calculate the viability of a PV installation.
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Solmetric Suneye 210 Sun Path Indicator
Solmetric Suneye 210 Sun Path IndicatorProfessional solar shade analysis essential for PV site evaluation. Determines the effect of shading on the efficiency of a proposed or existing photovoltaic installation all year round
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