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Wind & Solar Power Predictor

"Save time, money, energy & effort before wind or solar installation"
Wind & Solar Power Predictor
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What is the Power Predictor?
The Power Predictor is a gadget that you attach to your roof or home if you are considering a wind turbine or solar PV install, it measures how much sun and wind it is exposed . The information is stored on a memory card and then uploaded online to be analysed. You can then find out how much potential your home or site has for renewable energy technology. It takes the guess work out of how much energy you can generate and saves making costly mistakes on under performing wind or solar PV installations. You can make better predictions on how long it will take for your installation to "pay you back" Its a complete package for analysing your home, business or site's potential to start generating electricity to feed back to the grid. If you are seriously considering investing thousands of pounds into a renewable energy system, then the power predictor is for you.

How easy is it to set up the Power Predictor?
The Power Predictor is very easy to set up and install at home or in a remote location. The instructions are simple to understand and are full of helpful diagrams to show you clearly what each bit does!
Setting up the data recorder:
Once you insert the battery into the data recorder, you simply set the time and date and it's ready to go.
The interface is very straightforward, with the main screen showing you the time, wind speed, sunlight hours and whether or not the device is currently recording data.
The data recorder comes in a waterproof box to protect it from the elements when outside.


  • 3 cup, pulse anemometer, accurate to +/- 3% in independently verified tests
  • Assembly built around two low friction bearings (delivering 1.3 m/s start up speed)
  • Balanced potentiometer wind vane for measuring prevailing wind direction
  • Solar PV meter for recording solar irradiation
  • Self contained waterproof data logger engineered for low power operation
  • LCD screen provides live windspeed and solar indication
  • Rugged UV resistant ABS plastic
  • RoHS compliant and fully CE certified
  • 512 MB SD memory card included with USB adaptor
  • PP3 9V battery supplied
  • Five metres UV balanced cable included
    (6m and 12m extension cable available separately)
  • Requires USB 1.0 or 2.0 port on your computer
  • Power Predictor web application works through your browser - with PC or Mac
  • Price includes one year site license valid for one main site and two sub-sites
  • Masts available separately - please call for further details.

  • Power Predictor (MK2) 
  • 12 Months licence for using (up to 3 sites maximum)
  • Waterproof Data recorder box for the Power Predictor
  • Five metres UV balanced cable.
  • 512MB memory card (which can store data for upto 1 year)
  • USB memory card converter
  • PP3 9V battery (lasts over six months in normal conditions).
Please note: Data produced by the Power Predictor can only be accessed through the licensed software supplied as part of the package.

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Simple operation

  Which? Magazine - Aug 02 2011, 09:46 AM

"Very easy to use!"

Get evidence before investing.

  The Independent - Aug 02 2011, 09:44 AM

"An essential tool for anyone considering changing to renewable energy at home. It calculates the time it takes to recover the costs of installing renewable-energy equipment."

Shows how much energy you can save!

  BBC Weather Show - Aug 02 2011, 09:42 AM

"This enables you to monitor how much wind or solar power you could potentially generate over a year. "

Essential purchase

  Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs - Aug 02 2011, 09:40 AM

"A vital first step in deciding whether solar or wind power is right for you."