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PV Installation Testers

Solar PV installation testers and test kits are designed to test various parameters within a photovoltaic installation. Solar testers such as the Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Test Kit combine all the electrical safety tests required to meet IEC 62446 recommendations, while the Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 uses measurements to calculate the efficiency of solar panels and invertors and can be used to trace the I-V curve to assess the overall performance of the system.


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Seaward Solar PV150 Installation Tester
Seaward Solar PV150 Installation TesterThe new Seaward Solar installation tester with added memory storage and wireless connectivity with the Solar Survey 200R
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Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Solarlink Test Kit
Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Solarlink Test KitCombines the new PV150 with the Solar Survey 200R for full solar PV installation testing. Complete with FREE SolarCert Elements certification software
£879.00 £1414.00
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Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV
Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPVThe Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV is a solar PV and electrical safety tester that offers a full range of 17th Edition and photovoltaic installation tests.
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Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV PRO
Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV PROSimultaneously perform electrical safety tests while recording environmental parameters from a solar PV installation, including STC values and I-V curve characteristics.
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Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Photovoltaic Efficiency Tester
Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Photovoltaic Efficiency TesterThis solar efficiency meter allows you to test all the parameters required to calculate solar panel efficiency and perform an electrical power survey for a full overview of performance.
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