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Irradiance Meters

Solar irradiance testers measure the output of the sun in watts per metre squared (W/m2) and British thermal units (BTU) they are used by photovoltaic engineers to measure irradiance when commissioning a PV system. Solar radiation changes regularly in the UK with environmental effects and the constantly changing weather. For example, on a cloudy day the PV array will have a much lower output than on a sunny day. We have a wide selection of solar power testers if you would like any information or help choosing the correct PV test equipment for you then please don't hesitate calling one of our experienced sales team. 


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TMPV:207+ Solar Irradiance Multimeter
TMPV:207+ Solar Irradiance MultimeterThis 2-in-1 solar irradiance meter and PV multimeter is ideal for simultaneously measuring solar power and open circuit voltage of solar panels, modules and arrays.
£29.45 £98.00
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TM-206 Solar Irradiance Meter
TM-206 Solar Irradiance MeterSimply and accurately measures solar irradiance which can then be used when calculating the optimum angle of inclination for a PV panel to achieve maximum efficiency.
£79.95 £135.00
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Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter
Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance MeterCapable of measuring solar irradiance, roof pitch, roof orientation and both ambient & PV module temperature this is the ideal solar surveyor's irradiance meter.
£144.00 £196.00
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Wind & Solar Power Predictor
Wind & Solar Power PredictorThe Power predictor is vital for anyone interested in Wind or solar energy. It logs data and enables the home owner to evaluate the viability of onsite wind turbines and solar panels.
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Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter
Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance MeterIncludes a built-in compass, inclinometer, dual channel thermometer, datalogging function and downloadable results. With Seaward Solarlink for wireless connection to a PV150.
£199.00 £279.00
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Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Solarlink Test Kit
Seaward Solar PV150 MCS Solarlink Test KitCombines the new PV150 with the Solar Survey 200R for full solar PV installation testing. Complete with FREE SolarCert Elements certification software
£879.00 £1414.00
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