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I-V Curve Testers

We stock a wide range of I-V Curve tracers and photovoltaic test equipment for measuring I-V characteristics. Measuring and interpreting I-V curves is becoming very popular in the solar PV industry. I-V testers enable array performance verification and troubleshooting to be carried out onsite. Measurements of DC current vs DC voltage in a PV system offer important insight into the health of the system. The resulting I-V curve describes how the system is behaving under certain solar irradiance and temperature conditions. Deviation from ideal or predicted performance can help identify array performance issues and ensure quality installations for years to come.


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Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV
Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPVThe Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV is a solar PV and electrical safety tester that offers a full range of 17th Edition and photovoltaic installation tests.
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Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV PRO
Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV PROSimultaneously perform electrical safety tests while recording environmental parameters from a solar PV installation, including STC values and I-V curve characteristics.
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Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Photovoltaic Efficiency Tester
Chauvin Arnoux FTV100 Photovoltaic Efficiency TesterThis solar efficiency meter allows you to test all the parameters required to calculate solar panel efficiency and perform an electrical power survey for a full overview of performance.
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