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Solar Testing Equipment

Here at we specialise in the sale & distribution of quality Solar panel test equipment specifically designed for the Photovoltaic market. We are the UK's number 1 supplier of Irradiance meters, solar shading meters and installation testers. With years of experience in the Solar sector and trusted relationships with popular manufactures including: Seaward solar, Wagner & Co, Tenmars, Chauvin Arnoux, Knipex, Klauke, , Extech and Kewtech. We are able to offer the largest discounts and cheap prices, if there is anything you require that would help you install solar panels safer and more quickly that isn't listed please give our sales team a call on: 0113 236 0977 and we'll be able to source it for you!


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Landis and Gyr E110 Solar PV Generation Meter
Landis and Gyr E110 Solar PV Generation MeterDetermine the level of electricity your solar PV installation is producing with this Electric Pulse Meter and claim the most from the feed in tariff.
£24.95 £50.00
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TMPV:207+ Solar Irradiance Multimeter
TMPV:207+ Solar Irradiance MultimeterThis 2-in-1 solar irradiance meter and PV multimeter is ideal for simultaneously measuring solar power and open circuit voltage of solar panels, modules and arrays.
£29.45 £98.00
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Solar Horizon Meter
Solar Horizon MeterThis is an essential piece of test equipment that allows you to discover the level of shading on a potential solar site and quickly calculate the viability of a PV installation.
£39.90 £95.00
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TM-206 Solar Irradiance Meter
TM-206 Solar Irradiance MeterSimply and accurately measures solar irradiance which can then be used when calculating the optimum angle of inclination for a PV panel to achieve maximum efficiency.
£79.95 £135.00
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Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance Meter
Seaward Solar Survey 100 Irradiance MeterCapable of measuring solar irradiance, roof pitch, roof orientation and both ambient & PV module temperature this is the ideal solar surveyor's irradiance meter.
£144.00 £196.00
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TMPV1 Solar PV Testing Kit
TMPV1 Solar PV Testing KitInstallation tools for MCS trainees looking to assess the performance and efficiency of a photovoltaic system. Provides tools capable of measuring irradiance and current output.
£145.00 £239.00
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TMPV2 Solar PV Test Kit
TMPV2 Solar PV Test KitAllows PV engineers to measure irradiation and crimp MC4 cable connectors, ensuring that solar panels and arrays are correctly installed at the optimum angle of inclination.
£145.00 £259.00
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TMPV3 Solar PV Test Kit
TMPV3 Solar PV Test KitA professional array of solar panel testing tools to safely install PV panels with MC4 connections, assess the DC output and ensure that maximum efficiency is being acheived.
£195.00 £359.00
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Wind & Solar Power Predictor
Wind & Solar Power PredictorThe Power predictor is vital for anyone interested in Wind or solar energy. It logs data and enables the home owner to evaluate the viability of onsite wind turbines and solar panels.
£195.00 £249.00
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Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance Meter
Seaward Solar Survey 200R Irradiance MeterIncludes a built-in compass, inclinometer, dual channel thermometer, datalogging function and downloadable results. With Seaward Solarlink for wireless connection to a PV150.
£199.00 £279.00
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TMPV4 Solar PV Testing Kit
TMPV4 Solar PV Testing KitA comprehensive kit of pv tools and solar panel test equipment that includes everything required to install and continuously monitor MC3 and MC4 photovoltaic systems.
£295.00 £679.00
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Leica Disto D8 Solar Surveyor Kit
Leica Disto D8 Solar Surveyor KitThe Leica Disto D8 solar assessment kit is ideal for measuring roof distances, roof area, tree height and shading issues that effect Solar PV panels.
£615.00 £715.00
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Seaward Solar PV150 Installation Tester
Seaward Solar PV150 Installation TesterThe new Seaward Solar installation tester with added memory storage and wireless connectivity with the Solar Survey 200R
£799.00 £1085.00
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Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV
Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPVThe Metrel MI3108ST EurotestPV is a solar PV and electrical safety tester that offers a full range of 17th Edition and photovoltaic installation tests.
£1986.00 £2875.00
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Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV PRO
Metrel MI3108PR EurotestPV PROSimultaneously perform electrical safety tests while recording environmental parameters from a solar PV installation, including STC values and I-V curve characteristics.
£2478.00 £3610.00
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