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Solar Equipment Hire

Here at Solar Test Equipment we like to offer our customers the opportunity to minimise costs and "try before you buy" on an array of our PV equipment and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) testers. We stock a range of photovoltaic test equipment  and EV charge point testers for hire allowing you to demo a tester that you are considering buying or saving you the cost of buying the equipment when you only require it for a one off job. Whether you need to test the electrical safety of a photovoltaic installation, perform a solar site evaluation or assess performance of solar PV panels and arrays we have the equipment you will need available for both short term and long term hire. The Seaward EV 100 Electric vehicle AC charge point tester helps test EV charge points in accoradnce with IEC6185. If you are interested in hiring solar test equipment or EV charge point test equipment then please get in contact with us by ringing 0113 236 0977.

Seaward PV100 Solar Installation Tester for hire Seaward Solar PV150 Installation Test Kit
3 day hire: £50.00
7 day hire: £90.00

The Seaward Solar PV150 Tester performs electrical safety testing on solar installations in compliance with IEC 62446 and MCS recommendations. This photovoltaic multifunction tester connects directly to MC3, MC4 and Sunclix solar modules, strings and arrays to perform earth continuity, insulation resistance, open circuit voltage and short circuit current tests with an operational test available using the supplied AC/DC Clamp Meter. If you decide to purchased the Seaward Solar PV150 Installation Test Kit from us within 30 days of the completed hire period, we will refund 50% of your initial hire fee.
TMPV4 Solar Installation Tool Kit for hire TMPV4 Solar Tool Kit
7 day hire: £60.00

This Solar Installation Tool Kit provides MCS accredited solar engineers with an array of solar test equipment and tools to enable installation, testing, inspection and maintenance on both MC3 and MC4 systems. TMPV4 allows users to measure irradiance, assess DC output and monitor solar panel temperature as well as the crimping and fitting of both MC3 and MC4 cable couplers.
Solmetric Suneye 210 Digital Solar Horizon Meter

Seaward EV100 EV Charge Point Tester
3 day hire: £45.00
7 day hire: £65.00

The Seaward EV100 EVSE Charge Point Tester ensures that electric vehicle charge points operate in a correct and safe manner, both at the point  of installtion and whenever the EV charge is maintained as part of a periodic maintenance schedule in accordance with IEC6185.  Should you choose to purchase the Seaward EVSE EV Charge Point Tester from us within 30 days of the completed hire period, we will refund 50% of the initial hire fee.