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Knipex are manufacturers of high quality solar tools including stripping, crimping and mounting tools. We offer complete Knipex PV tool sets for both MC3 and MC4 photovoltaic installations providing professional solar engineers with the means to create high quality cable connections. Knipex Solar Tools are designed specifically for reliable and long lasting use on solar PV systems.

Knipex MC3 Tool Kit
Knipex MC3 Tool Kit This complete tool set is the perfect solution for the installation of MC3 connectors, allowing you to professionally crimp, strip and insulate your cable connections.
£495.00 £1045.79
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MC3 Insert Tool
MC3 Insert Tool An essential assembly tool for mounting the crimped solar cable into a rubber housing to produce a fully insulated MC3 connection.
£99.95 £195.00
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Knipex MC4 Tool Kit
Knipex MC4 Tool Kit The perfect tool kit complete, with Knipex MC4 crimping dies, for professional MC4 cable connections with everything needed to crimp and strip your solar PV cable.
£395.00 £814.95
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